Barrel Aged REMODEL

Hello All,

On Sunday, October 13th Barrel Aged suffered damage due to a water pipe burst. We were forced to temporarily close our doors that day. A lot of families, friends, employees and people are affected by the loss. We have been closed now for almost 4 weeks and are working hard to reopen our doors successfully. Unfortunately, due to a number of other parties being involved, we have to go at a normal pace for this part of the disaster. The parties involved in the remediation of the problem have completed their assignments, we are now moving forward. (fingers crossed!)
With the help of others, we are working hard to get re-opened quickly. I expect to begin rebuilding in the next 7 days, and hope to have all of our team back to work by the end of November 2014 after a long 8 weeks off! Barrel Aged is very excited to service the community with our award winning product & plan to rebuild to an even higher standard!
We appreciate your warm thoughts and wishes and are very thankful to be able to work to rebuild. I will keep you updated, and hopefully with the help of the interested parties, we will be back open by the first week of December.

Thank you.


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